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Rick Blything

Sound Editor / Field Recordist

Sounds From Wimbledon

Just back from this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Championships, and buzzing from the excitement of hearing the results of my collaboration with Lou Brown (Foley Artist/Editor).

We were honoured to be chosen for the 2015 Artist in Residency Project which this year sought ‘The Sound Of Wimbledon’. We had three objectives to create:

  • A Soundscape of ‘The Sound Of Wimbledon’ using Foley and Field Recording techniques.
  • ‘One-Shots’ to be used as part of a sound installation in the queue.
  • To conduct a workshop with visually impaired children explaining the art of Foley and Field Recording and to use the recorded sounds within the Soundscape.

During March we enjoyed unlimited access to almost all areas in the Lawn Tennis Club and we recorded sounds from many locations. Inevitably some did not make it to the final production which can be found by following the link below.


The Championships are over now but the excitement continues so I thought I’d share a few personal favourites.

Early morning dawn chorus recording on Henman Hill.


Rigging mics to capture the ambience of Wimbledon awaking


Squeaky white line marker

Ground Staff preparing for the Championships


Using a contact mic to listen to the different timbres created by using old wooden rackets and new graphite ones.


The mechanics workshop was a great source of sounds. None of them actually made it into the final Soundscape but I’m sure they’ll be used in future projects.

A massive thank you to Wimbledon’s Learning department who created this opportunity for us and a special thanks to Ben Swann who went the extra mile with all the random requests a foley artist and field record made of him!

For more info on the project here’s a link to Lou’s blog.

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